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” She didn’t answer the question directly, but she started crying and spoke about the years of Arab-Israeli conflict.She told me how her brother Zaki had been killed in Jerusalem before the rebirth of the State.They fell in love, got married, and lived for a number of years in Shechem (Nablus).After my grandfather was discharged from the Jordanian army, the family moved to Kuwait, where oil profits were fueling huge business and construction projects.He insisted that war and resistance was the only way to deal with Israel.

Knowing about my grandmother’s Jewish background always made me curious about Jews.To me that was sufficient confirmation of her Jewishness and I decided to leave it at that.Over the next few months, I avoided the whole issue of Judaism, mainly for the sake of not upsetting my mother.My father was a supporter of the PLO since the 1960s when Yasser Arafat (who founded the PLO while living in Kuwait) was raising money from wealthy Palestinians working in Gulf States.As an engineer, my father participated in a program where the engineering association in Kuwait would deduct money from his monthly salary to be sent directly to the PLO.

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