Musician dating singles

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This will hurt your promotional efforts as music industry professionals, music bloggers, and fans will visit your socials to see what kind of existing following you have and how serious you are.Stale, overly promotional, or boring profiles will not help your chances of engaging anyone.We suggest you spend money from time to time but have goals in place before you do, and you should have a complete Page that is active with daily posts.Make sure the Page has an attractive cover banner (as discussed above) and install apps that work as promotional tools for you and your music.

Use adjectives that describe your music and similar artists as keywords with your artist name also being a keyword, the latter of which will show up in the “related videos section” after one of your videos is viewed.To see these in more detail, download our checklist at the bottom of the page: Digital distribution moves a lot faster than it used to, but you should still choose a distributor.If you are ordering physical copies of your music, make sure that you get them in plenty of time, especially if you are running a pre-sale or having a release party and you want to offer physical products at the show. don’t cover everything, and independently you need to also be aware of additional distribution outlets for increased reach, a list that includes Sound Cloud, Pandora and verifying as well as creating playlists on The music industry is built on appearances.To be taken seriously it is very important to have a complete and professional looking online 360-degree presence. You need to have a modern and functional site that you can update on your own.Download the checklist to make sure you’re doing everything you can to build your online presence.

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