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All meds are a compromise to try to decrease spasms, but not be too dangerous.Diazepam (valium) is one that can be used in this manner. Read more 1st go see your family doc for evaluation.

Some just paralyze you & some cause muscle contraction, & then you are paralyzed. Read more Many muscle relaxants we use are used primarily in the oral form. Read more A relaxant generally refers to a pharmaceutical that either relieves muscles tension or spasm (e.g.

Not the same as muscle relaxants that you take orally. Diazepam is a benzodiazepine and comes in oral and injectable forms and is a good muscle relaxant, but can be addictive. Robaxin, (methocarbamol) soma), relieves anxiety and helps one relax (such as xanax).

One can become dependent on anti-anxiety medications when used for prolonged periods of time, high dosages used. Muscles move joints, stabilize the body, move air and food through the organs, act as valves for bladder, bowel and other organs.

The onset of sedation may vary individually depending on the physical status of the patient and the detailed circumstances of dosing (e.g. If necessary, subsequent doses may be administered according to the individual need.

The onset of action is about 2 minutes after the injection.

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