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One of the notable co-founders is the Romanian Firefighter Lt. Mircea Pintilie which coordonated the activity between the firebrigades from the three countries, Romania, Norway and Great Britain.

In October 1996, the service received legal recognition under the Military Firemen Corps law no.121.

The new Intensive Care Room staff members were the doctors, medical assistants and volunteers who worked in the pre-hospital emergency units.

The first SMURD unit was created in Târgu Mureș, a city in the center of Transylvania, in 1990.

Until that date, it served as a national pilot center.

Now SMURD is a complementary service, with bases covering many parts of the country, still expanding.

After failed attempts of cooperation with several institutions, in October 1991 an experimental period of time started, placing SMUR under the operative coordination of the Mureş Fire Department, which, at that time, was responsible for the employment of the drivers for the mobile unit, and to provide accommodation and training rooms for SMUR's medical staff.

This experiment, which was to be a success and to become a permanent solution, was based on the models found in many countries in the world, where firemen are directly involved in providing of emergency medical assistance and first-aid.

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