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People, especially in the entertainment fields, have to regularly deal with so much rejection that it can be hard to tolerate at times." Whether it comes to dating or the entertainment industry, there is a plethora of beautiful, talented people in this city, so we often feel disposable.

"This is such a competitive town, and there are so many people in one place who are talented, attractive, wealthy, and creative.

All of these daily struggles can trigger feelings of anxiety, low self-esteem, and debilitating pressure.

California employs more psychologists than any other state in the country (though New York isn't far behind), and since LA itself has no shortage of therapists, we spoke to a few who gave us the lowdown on what Angelenos struggle with most.

Female Xandra Taking a chance and stepping out of my comfort zone.

There is tremendous pressure, and people often struggle with not measuring up...

Richard Hupp, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Woodland Hills, states, "Due to the short-term nature of many of the entertainment-based jobs, some clients struggle with on-the-job abuse and how much they have to tolerate because there is an abundance of talent.

Saying “I love you” can sometimes be one of the hardest phrases to say.

"Because of the current political climate, people are more vocal about fears of discrimination, and issues of social justice, class, and privilege.

It's really interesting to have these conversations and see what actions come out of them after," says Dr. Starry-eyed actors, models, and [insert any creative professional] from all over the world are drawn to LA with big dreams and hopes that their work will manifest in some way.

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