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Address: (a) 64 Poturmahala, Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina; (b) Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Date of designation referred to in Article 7d(2)(i): 13.3.2002.

Such information may include: ▼B Article 8 The Commission and the Member States shall immediately inform each other of the measures taken under this Regulation and shall supply each other with relevant information at their disposal in connection with this Regulation, in particular information received in accordance with Article 5 and in respect of violation and enforcement problems and judgements handed down by national courts.Article 9 This Regulation shall apply notwithstanding any rights conferred or obligations imposed by any international agreement signed or any contract entered into or any licence or permit granted before the entry into force of this Regulation. Each Member State shall determine the sanctions to be imposed where the provisions of this Regulation are infringed.Such sanctions shall be effective, proportionate and dissuasive. Pending the adoption, where necessary, of any legislation to this end, the sanctions to be imposed where the provisions of this Regulation are infringed, shall be those determined by the Member States in accordance with Article 13 of Regulation (EC) No 467/2001. Each Member State shall be responsible for bringing proceedings against any natural or legal person, group or entity under its jurisdiction, in cases of violation of any of the prohibitions laid down in this Regulation by any such person, group or entity.▼M119 Article 2b Article 2(2) shall not prevent financial or credit institutions in the Union from crediting frozen accounts where they receive funds transferred to the account of a listed natural or legal person, entity, body or group, provided that any additions to such accounts will also be frozen.The financial or credit institution shall inform the competent authorities about such transactions without delay.

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