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New male slaves are required to attend a half hour protocol training session just before the dungeon party starts, and follow those protocols during the party that follows.


Dominants doing ANY kind of Edge Play should run it by the Host Sir Gabriel or Sir Zeus, or one of our DMs for the evening (we need to be sure that newbies are not engaging in things they are not prepared for).

The dress code at this party is unusual in that fetish atire is not allowed in, and this is strictly enforced.

It starts at Ventura and Santa Barbara, and then goes up the coast to Baywood and San Simeon, and finally to Big Sur, Pebble Beach and Monterey.

This is a listing of the greater Los Angeles BDSM/Fetish clubs, events, and other kinky resources that I am aware of.

Vanilla formal attire, such as business suits, is required at this party.

Follow the link on the party confirmation they will send upon receiving an RSVP from you for details.

Check out the great weather and see what's happening in the LA scene.

Along the west coast between Los Angeles and San Francisco is a series of terrific resort towns. Click on Central Coast Beach Cams to see live, streaming video of these areas.

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