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Knowing that, if you are a casual gambler on vacation, just set the limit that you want lose, and stop playing once your budget has been spent. Most people can't even rise to an amateur status, yet on vacations they interact with professionals and expect to win.

Unless you devote your life to it like any profession, winning chump change is about as much as can be expected.

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We are doing a pretty good job shuffling and doing the running man just like "The Kia Soul Shuffle Slam Showdown with LMFAO" on You Tube. The week before the wedding feels like an eternity as Marcus and I anticipate the weekend with Donna and Tonya in Las Vegas.I send a very sincere thanks in advance for to all of the loyal readers for leaving comments.The title of the first chapter is "The Game First Time Sex rev 1" for anyone just finding my diary.Even though I'm not old enough to gamble, I know how it all works.All said, even with the small percentage in favor of the house, the house will always win. Gamblers on vacation shouldn't expect to win their airfare home.

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