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But we were practicing with each other – and it was so fun!Imagine the possible consequences of youth in their teenage years put off gaining these social skills until they reach college.(For the Strength of Youth, Dating) The growing culture in many high schools is now a “hook up” culture, and no longer a “dating” one.It is about “who is with who”, and not about “who I should take on a date this weekend”.“ (Ensign, June 2006) I remember when Elder Oaks gave this talk, I was single at the time and was very aware of that attitude.

There is also a letter with four questions you can have mom and dad fill out for each girl. Included is a page of awesome quotes that are really relevant to the youth. It is also available in our August combo package HERE.How could that impact their ability to find an eternal companion?How might that impact their confidence in doing so?There is also a print with 40 cheap and fun group dates. Here are some thoughts on this subject by Shannon: Most youth love to talk about dating.If you say, “We are having a lesson on dating this Sunday”, record numbers will show up. How applicable that symbol is for all of the standards in For the Strength of Youth.

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