Laura marling dating johnny flynn

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I am slightly fascinated by the question of whether humanity is capable of change.I may have come to the conclusion that we’re not, but we keep trying.” Marling has actually changed a huge amount since the first time I met her, when she was 17 and awkwardly shy and self-conscious.'The modern world has always slightly mystified me,” says Laura Marling.

Having moved to London from her family home in Hampshire, Marling was quickly identified as a shining star in a vibrant scene, framing contemporary songwriting in a more traditional musical background.

Mumford & Sons have gone on to be the breakout success of the nu-folk scene, with their debut album, Sigh No More, selling well in the UK and the US. “It will be weird being at the Mercurys, sitting at separate tables, but we’ll be cheering each other on,” says Marling. “I’m a bit of a magpie: whatever I see or hear or read feeds into the songs,” she says.

Her reading leans towards historical non-fiction and Gothic romance. I love the structure of language maybe more than I love the stories, the things that I underline in books are really cleverly ordered sentences rather than very grand points.” In person, Marling still seems very young, and expresses herself tentatively, in short bursts, but her art seems to come from a deep place.

Johnny studied acting at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, and was named one of Screen International's Stars of Tomorrow in 2005, alongside Natalie Dormer and Dominic Cooper.

He got his first breaks as an actor with roles in Holby City and Murder in Suburbia, and starred in 2006's Dutch-produced English language indie film Crusade in Jeans.

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