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- The nightlife scene in Jakarta is a lot of fun and excitement.

There are great nightclubs in European cities, but few are as open and diverse as the nightlife scene in Jakarta.

While we may regret that, many men feel uncomfortable with what they perceive as strong, independent, ambitious women.

In Indonesia, they will meet girls that correspond more accurately to their ideas of the perfect wife. These are the three main reasons which I think can explain why so many expats in Jakarta start cheating when they arrive in Jakarta.

When you are an expat in Jakarta, you rarely have to queue, you always get admitted, you are at the center of the attention, and you can afford booking a table and opening Champagne.

This makes the whole experience much more enjoyable.

Many people party a lot more here, and therefore meet a lot more new people.

Among the expats that I know, I can tell you that 90% of them, married or not, have had an affair or cheated on their girlfriends with an Indonesian girl at least once.The more often, it’s the good husband, with kids and family.I’ve been out partying for years in Jakarta, 5 days a week, and in each bar I went to, I met tons of them.For even the most well-meaning gentiles, the ceremonies surrounding a Jewish holiday dinner can be intimidating.Luckily, there's nothing preventing them from spending the holidays with members of the Jewish faith with tact, respect, and genuine enjoyment.

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