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Interestingly, despite the dramatic changes Japan has endured over the past four decades, some of its moral traditions have not been affected; for example, only 2 percent of Japanese children are born out of wedlock, versus a figure of 41 percent for the United States, according to Japan’s Welfare Ministry.

Last year, Japan recorded only 1.03 million births -- and the country may lose one-third of its current population of 127 million by 2060, said the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research.

By 2026, social security costs are expected to climb to 24.4 percent of GDP, up from 22.8 percent in fiscal 2012, the country’s welfare ministry projected.

"Now is the last chance to take action on this problem," said Masanao Ozaki, the governor of Kochi prefecture about 500 miles west of Tokyo.

Japan’s birth rate has not been above 2 level since 1974.

At present trends, by 2050 there will be only 1.3 workers to support each senior, from 2.6 workers currently.

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