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All you need to do is to set the workflow to "No New Instances".This can be set on "Remove Workflow" in the list or library settings.The reason is that field default values can only take static values or simple formulae based on the current user or today’s date.If that meets your needs, then I’d definitely recommend sticking with that method.get Tag From Identifier And Title The most important part of our solution is the “get Tag From Identifier” function.

Update();" is executed: he sandboxed code execution request was refused because the Sandboxed Code Host Service was too busy to handle the request I actually was receiving the error above when deploying my sandbox solution originally and used this link ( to fix it.If both are true, start a workflow on the list item programmatically- here are some links to help you with that: coding!You probably need two workflows, a hidden field and a "Start another workflow activity" (which can be found on Code Plex) Workflow 1 is a helper workflow which is set to start when an item is changed: It check if Status is equal to hidden field If it is the exit If not then start workflow 2 and set hidden field to current value of Status Workflow 2 is then the real workflow which does what you want when Status is changed @Marius: The first step in the workflow should be to compare the field value and provide a logic branch.Starting the workflow for all items ( You can also first start the workflow.In the first step of your workflow you can check if the field matches the criteria.

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