Islam way of dating

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For many Muslim singles, this is the ideal way to meet someone who knows what it means to have respect for important factors such as faith, cultural background and family.

It’s also the ideal way to meet someone who wants to use this mutual respect as a foundation for a life together: one where love and belief go hand in hand.

I fell in love, no dates, no meetings involved, pure love to a pure religious person.

He promised to marry me and asked me to wait for him as his circumstances are difficult.

It’s an efficient, effective way of finding connection and companionship – on your terms.If it is because of previous acquaintance, being related or because of hearing about that person, and one cannot ward it off, then there is nothing wrong with that love, so long as one adheres to the sacred limits set by Allaah. But contact between the two who admire one another in ways that are not Islamically acceptable is the problem, which leads to disastrous consequences.Ibn al-Qayyim (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: If love develops for a reason that is not haraam, a person cannot be blamed for that, such as one who loves his wife or his slave woman, then he leaves her but that love remains and does not leave him. The same applies if he glances accidentally then looks away, but love may settle in his heart without him wanting it to. In this case it is not permissible for the man to get in touch with the woman or for the woman to get in touch with the man, and say that he wants to marry her.We have been in this love relationship for one year.I know this person and his family, and they know us well as well.

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