Is whitney still dating jay who is whoopi dating

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Yet Crawford was the maid of honor when the couple made it legal last July.

The wedding was a spectacle: the bride and groom both wore white—her dress, made of French lace, cost ,000—and the wedding party was dressed in shades of purple, Houston’s favorite color. “Humpin’ Around,” which, contrary to its title, is actually an ode to trust and fidelity, comes on and Houston sings along. “All I want is the money.”Brown wins and picks up the change.

More dime, more better.” They pitch again and Brown wins again. “In the projects,” he recalls, “ I was famous for dancing.

At first, he shaved one side of his head (“I looked like a nut, kind of scary”), but now he’s nearly bald all over.“Whitney’s gone through a real rough spot with her black base,” explains Ernie Singleton, president of the Black Music Division at MCA Records. “My oh my,” she continues, leafing through the pages, stopping at an article on Roseanne Arnold. They take turns.”Ellin laughs, and Houston concentrates on what Kevyn Aucoin, the makeup impresario, is doing to her eyes. ’”Despite the fact that Cissy Houston did not want her daughter in the music business (“Her fears were me and what people would do to me”), she did suggest that Whitney work with Clive Davis, the legendary president of Arista Records. “You want somebody who can sing and be a dream girl—get Whitney.“She wants to ‘cross-black.’ Being married to Bobby Brown might help her with that.”But marketing considerations aside, the couple seems to understand each other, and their separate worlds. Houston is wearing skinny black jeans, black sneakers, and a white T-shirt. She’s surprisingly nonchalant about being in the tabloid spotlight, but then again, she’s been around show business and its attendant vagaries all of her life. Critics throughout the industry believe that Davis is responsible for Houston’s glossy sound—that he keeps her in diva mode. But that’s why I didn’t want to do it—it’s too obvious.” Instead, she decided to star opposite Kevin Costner in The two have a love affair in the film, although Houston would not do nude scenes.There are posters of Bobby’s new album cover blown up billboard size; walls of TV monitors playing Bobby’s newest video, “Humpin’ Around”; and partygoers mingling in baseball caps that read, simply, “Bobby.” It’s been four years since Bobby Brown’s last album, ) without a great deal of fanfare. He kisses Houston, and she whispers something in his ear. “I had my doubts about this relationship,” says a member of Brown’s camp.“So we decided to throw a party,” says MCA Records president Richard Palmese, a man not known for understatement. Dressed in a pale-pink, loose-fitting silk suit, she is sitting at a table in between Robyn Crawford, her executive assistant, who bears a striking resemblance to Detroit Piston ace Isiah Thomas, and her new mother-in-law, Carol Brown, who is visibly ecstatic about the party. “But when you see them together, you know it’s love.”There was certainly reason to wonder.

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