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It is loss of the unconscious ‘knowing how’ attitude, our familiarity with the world around us that enables us to function on an everyday level, and its replacement with the ‘knowing that’ form of knowledge, the objective, self-conscious gaze or attitude.

The latter is important for solving problems in ordinary life as well as in science, but it is founded upon and always presupposes the former.

It is this more basic and implicit form of knowing that is fundamental to our ability to interact with the world and other people.

One of the inherent problems of a project like the DSM, or any attempt to classify psychiatric complaints, is their huge diversity.

Jeff Coulter referred to the behaviour we label as mental illness as breaking norms of ‘intelligibility’(see my previous blog).

When people are mentally ill they do crazy things, but more than this, their reasons for doing them are sometimes not based on the principles that human actions are usually based on.

People who are in this state become conscious of automatic mental and physical processes that we are unaware of most of the time (such as those involved in walking, for example).

This detached or ‘objective’ attitude is a hindrance when we apply it to our own consciousness. is the end-point of the trajectory [that] consciousness follows when it separates from the body and the passions, and from the social and practical world, and turns in upon itself.” Using Heidegger’s terms, Sass’s view is that psychosis is a detachment from our primordial experience and knowledge.

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He also pointed to some ordinary spots on his skin as evidence of the injections.

Ordinarily, human activity can be understood as having a goal or purpose that reflects and responds to its unique social and historical context.

People do things for reasons, and most of the time other people can understand those reasons, even if they would not act in the same way. The behaviour of people diagnosed with severe mental disorders often does not make much obvious sense, however.

My thoughts on this are very much a work in progress.

I think both Szasz and Wittgenstein would suggest that looking for the essence of mental disorder is a mistaken pursuit.

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