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I think those kinds of sites are riskier than internet dating because so many people use them for sexual hook-ups and there's all this pressure associated with being forced to do something you might not want to do." Klaver, who is now a happily married mother of three (yes, she did meet husband Rod on a dating site), does admit to encountering more than her fair share of oddballs.

"There was the guy who told me he was a doctor but I found out later he was actually a hospital orderly, and the guy who kept a spreadsheet on all the girls he'd dated, with a mark for their appearance and attributes.

"That can lead to people doing things they might not necessarily do on a first date, such as not taking no for an answer, or finding themselves alone with someone, which can put them in an uncomfortable and sometimes risky position." says although she was never physically threatened, she did find herself in some risky situations."In the beginning, I did things like not telling anyone where I was going and letting someone into my home after only a few dates," says Klaver.

"But that was back in 2007/08, before mobile apps like Tinder really exploded.

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"The landscape of internet dating, particularly for heterosexual women, is a mix of pleasure and danger because while sexual crime isn't created by online dating sites or mobile apps, it can be facilitated by it," she says."He was well travelled and worldly and although he was totally out of my league I was so flattered by his interest in me that we met up first for a coffee and then for dinner." READ MORE: * Recidivist Tinder stalker jailed again * What are the biggest turn-offs on Tinder?* 2500 Tinder matches in 48 hours Two margaritas and a bottle of wine into their second date, Doug asked Melissa back to his place.Now a new television series, (TV3, Wednesday at 9pm), chronicles the growing roll call of internet dates gone horribly wrong, following murder cases in which the victims met their killers on internet sites.Featuring cases from around the world, including two from Australia, the eight-part series uses police footage and reconstructions.

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