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As CT has previously reported: President Paul Kagame welcomed the shutdowns but was stunned at the scale: “700 churches in Kigali? “Are these bo ...…Andrew Brunson had been ministering in Izmir, Turkey, for nearly a quarter of a century before it all changed.In 2016, the American pastor was arrested and thrown in jail, without knowing his charges and without bail.In 2010, human ...…This week, we are remembering the life and legacy of Martin Luther King was assassinated 50 years ago on April 4, 1968.Among the many events scheduled for this week, The Gospel Coalition and the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission are holding a summit in Memphis on racial unity.

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This acquisition had immediate positive effects for the floundering publication when its new owners announced a return to print. “Why are the ...…Evangelist Billy Graham died this week.

After reassuring her church friend that her family’s seating choices had nothing to do with the status of her marital relationship, she felt compelled to explain why.

Mc Laughlin wrote for CT Women: Every Sunday, my husband and I walk into church and see someone new sitting alone.

If possi ...…Several dozen evangelical leaders from across the country gathered at Wheaton College on Monday and Tuesday this week.

In anticipation of the event, The Washington Post teased the meeting: “Dozens of evangelical leaders meet to discuss how Trump era has unleashed ‘grotesque caricature’ of their faith.”But the meeting turned out not to be a gian ...…Last week, the US government shutdown the classified advertising website on allegations that the site was profiting off of illegal prostitution.

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