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If the new hire claims that the necessary documents were lost, stolen or destroyed, the person must provide a receipt for replacement documents within the three days.If an employee has presented a receipt for a replacement document, he or she must produce the actual document within 90 days of the date employment begins.If the document provided is not in List A, the employee must provide a document from List B and a document from List C. Employers cannot specify which document or documents are acceptable from an employee.If the person provides a document from List A, or a document from List B and a document from List C, the employer may not request any other document to verify employment eligibility.If you do not participate in E-Verify, you are not required to make photocopies of documents.If you do not participate in E-Verify, and you choose to photocopy the documents presented for an I-9 form, you must photocopy the documents of ALL new hires, not just those you think may be aliens.Yes, so long as the Social Security Card does not state "NOT VALID FOR EMPLOYMENT" or "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH INS AUTHORIZATION." Social Security Cards with any of these statements do not establish employment eligibility and should not be accepted as proof of work authorization.

The employer cannot specify which documents it wants to see. If the documents reasonably appear on their face to be genuine and to relate to the person presenting them, you must accept them.

Receipts are not acceptable, however, if employment lasts fewer than three business days. You may terminate an employee who fails to produce the required documents, or a receipt for replacement document(s) (in the case of lost, stolen or destroyed documents), within three business days of the date employment begins.

However, you must apply these practices uniformly to all employees and not just to those who do not appear to be citizens.

An employer cannot require that the new hire provide specific documents, such as a U. The documents shown in List A on the back of the I-9 form prove both identity and authorization to work.

If a new hire provides a document in List A, only one document is needed.

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