How to handle dating someone in the military

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You may want to hear each other’s voices once a week simply to know the other person is okay.

This is all based on your personal preference, but it is important to share so that lack of preferred communication doesn’t impede upon your budding romance.

You may even decide to casually keep in touch and potentially re-evaluate the status of the relationship upon the military member’s return. You should mutually agree how often you will communicate, and which modes of contact you will employ.

You may be more comfortable sending e-mails since you are on opposite sides of the world and, therefore, have completely different waking hours.

And, do not send personal emails using your work account.

Avoid dating someone in a higher or lower position.

Many companies large and small have hard and fast rules against relationships developing between co-workers.

If it is against the rules, you have to ask yourself: "Is it worth it?

Many new couples make the decision to live their individual lives apart from the one another while the military member is on a deployment.Are you bonding over an intense project requiring late night at work or shared frustration at a boss, or do you have a connection that extends beyond the office?Make sure you know the answer to that question before beginning a romantic relationship. Once you're in a relationship with a colleague — or, ideally, before the relationship begins — read up on the company policies about dating co-workers.Your best bet is to avoid dating people with whom you regularly work. No matter how in love you feel, there should be no public displays of affection at work.Stick to the same professional behavior with your significant other at the workplace that you would have with any other co-worker.

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