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This one-screen theater is the most beautiful in the area, a piece of movie history with gorgeous theater interior, a massive screen, golden curtains and a large balcony.

Seeing a movie there is a must for all area movie fans.

Not far from Title are numerous places to eat inside or near the mall, including Panera Bread — which itself has a roaring fireplace — Pizza Ranch, Avocado Mexican Bar and Grille and Jimmy Jack's Rib Shack. Over 1,500 acres and 9 miles of trails are open to explore.

To the east, trails lead through woods around small lakes and end up at a long line of pine trees.

Grab a coffee, a cappuccino and another person and you've got yourself a perfect place to cuddle. Gilbert St., Iowa City, is one of the classier venues in town with a fireplace inside.

Noted for the relaxed atmosphere, their drinks and eats, Sanctuary makes for a great date destination due to it being a bit removed from the hubbub of downtown Iowa City and thus being a bit more sedated and serene.

If you're looking for something a bit more like a day-trip date, Iowa City has two cute, vibrant and fun-filled cities just a bit south of town: Kalona and Washington.

Their hot cocoa is made with Ghirardelli chocolate and steamed milk.

What makes their hot cocoa extra special is that you can cover it in different toppings, from marshmallows and chocolate chips to a long list of other items, just like you were putting toppings on their self-serve frozen yogurt.

Plus, Twitter follower Madeline Jarvis told me there always seems to be a few dates going on at the pub at any given time, so it's already a well-tested date venue. Clinton St., Iowa City, is one of the newest cafes in town and it too has a roaring fireplace at its heart with tables and some sofas around it.

The cafe serves omelets, cinnamon rolls, soft pretzels, breakfast and lunch sandwiches and a whole lot more food.

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