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They could see a part of the enterprise off in the distance.They were both turned on sexually by what happened on the plane, Erica from listening to Julie describing her intimate affair with her husband's black boss, and Collin from hand pleasuring his eighteen year old white seatmate, his friend Mark's beautiful horney daughter.The guides took each of their bags upstairs to their assigned rooms, and the men prepared to go fishing. She liked to eat properly prepared fish but she had no intention of killing what she ate. To his utter amazement the President told him to feel free to keep her company, and for that matter the same was true for Rasta, in any way they liked.When they all left, she wandered around the complex, noting the beautiful pool, actually a hot tub on a lovely deck overlooking the lake, with the mountains they had flown over, towering behind them. On the water, the President enjoyed the company of the two young executives. The men looked at each other, astounded, their thoughts were not on fishing.The white husbands who so meekly gave in to his taking their wives whenever he wanted them. The one winning the challenge would be treated to an all expenses paid weekend trip by helicopter to the fishing lodge the company owned on a large isolated lake. The back seat was designed for two passengers, but it had a third seatbelt in the middle.Sarah arrived, her husband dropped her off and carried her bag to the chopper door before leaving.Collin came up behind her as she set the phone to record. Omar said he thought they should meet the President. She was glad she had tied back her flowing blond tresses in a bun, as she indeed looked most business like. Mark showed him the pictures of the 18 year old girls with their mothers' names beside them.

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******************** Erica's heart was pounding the closer she got to going to her first meeting at the diamond mining company in Botswana. Mark explained who Omar was, as Erica smiled to herself. Lovely leather furniture surrounded his board table, his desk was large but seemingly in a a distant corner. The President thought to himself Janice was perfect. Everyone knew that the President had had a very long and very public affair with Sarah. ******************** When Mark left, The President sat fondly remembering Sarah. In the beginning she had arrived as a 19 year old bride, her husband having been selected to join the executive group.She represented a huge Insurance Company in Chicago, and her boss, the CEO, Robert, had sent her to inspect the facilities and determine the risks her company might face if they took on the job of insuring this vast, private, enterprise. The friendly sales talk at a conference in New York, where she met Collin from the mining company, was all behind her. Obviously, she thought, he was not about to tell them that his boss, Omar, had been fucking his wife Julie whenever he felt like it for the past six months. Omar had taken his very senior position in the organisation after Collin was sent to New York, so Collin did not know Omar, but certainly wanted to make a favourable impression. At age 30 the husband was young but seemed to have excellent qualifications.She had recently been made a Vice President of the company. She was relieved that Collin had accompanied her, he was a truly gifted lover. She suddenly was more aware of her spectacular body than ever before. Erica had dressed conservatively, her white blouse buttoned up to her neck, and wore her string of pearls, rather than the diamond pendant Collin had given her. She had her grey suit on with the jacket buttoned beneath her ample bust. Like all applicants he was required to submit photographs, not just of himself, but of his wife and other family members, especially any daughters. He liked his women white and young, his black wife at home understood his needs, and she was happy enough to host the necessary entertaining that the President was required to do.Author's note: This is a continuation of my earlier work 'Erica travels to Africa' you may enjoy reading it as well.***** Erica and Collin were driven to their lovely apartment in the capital of Botswana by Mark, Collin's fellow employee at the huge diamond mine.

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