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Downloading of corrupt contents and files online can also inflict the same problem or errors to any app on the i Phone.Virus and malware are also among the culprits that can get files corrupted.When this error prompt appears, they couldn’t do anything as the display becomes unresponsive.Some of these issues have manifested after installing the latest update to i OS on their i Phone 7 Plus.Several factors can trigger an app to malfunction at certain instance. Software glitches or bugs can also trigger apps to misbehave.Other cases of apps malfunction and errors are linked to network problems, insufficient memory and worse, hardware damage.In mobile devices, the operating system serves as the framework or skeletal system while apps serve as significant organs or key components that make the entire system intact. The same thing goes with apps that are not working on your phone.Problems and errors are inevitable when it comes to mobile applications. Among the first problems encountered by some owners of this new i Phone in terms of apps usage would include error in downloading apps, unable to update apps, random apps crashes, as well as unresponsive or frozen apps.

One way to obtain a quick fix is to identify the main cause of the problem beforehand.This post highlights the possible causes and potential solutions to various apps problems and errors affecting the new i Phone 7 Plus device.Thus, if you happen to land into this page while searching for help in dealing with pertinent issue on the same i Phone, then feel free to refer to this content.These issues have affected either third-party or built-in apps on the i Phone.Other users have also raised an issue in which they are getting an error prompt saying, “slide to update” while attempting to update an application.

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