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The wood pores were not filled completely and not sanded even, only buffed.The skunk stripe is a unique feature and is quite rare but it might not be possible to assign it to a single year. Spann's book on factory order numbers, here's some documented FONs from the 1942 to 1945 era.(no pre-1948 production numbers) 199, 192, 197, 194, 198, 1908, 192, 1930, 1999, 1926, 196, 1963, 197, 197, 196, 1999, 1972, 1913, 1981, 1996, 1917, 1925.Rumor has it Gibson made this model for their sales reps below the Mason-Dixon line. The Southern Jumbo is a great model, a fancier version of the J-45.

(These are "3 on a plate" open-back style tuners.) By late 1943 tuners are individual open-back Klusons, and not 3-on-a-plate style.

Mostly seen in 1943 but this does not mean automatically all skunk stripe SJs are built in 1943. Note he doesn't list exact years during this period, but from what has been seen, years can be approximated. tortoise grain pickguard material, no neck heel celluloid cap (last known FON batch with heal cap 2424, the first one without FON 2431, about mid-1943), Poplar neck block (instead of mahogany).

Most necks have no metal adjustable truss rod (war time metal shortage), neck shape is usually HUGE because of the lack of a truss rod.

Some with ebony or maple non-adjustable truss rod, sunburst finish.

#910 (1943): first full and official SJ batch number in 1942/1943, about 70 guitars all with Indian Rosewood back and sides (except three examples known in existance with rosewood sides and mahogany back, one of them with skunk stripe top.) Note Gibson never used Brazilian Rosewood for the backs/sides of any Southern Jumbo (Indian Rosewood only), but the fingerboards/bridge were Brazilian.

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