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Self-styled “tinkerer” Charles Pajeau and his partner Robert Pettit invented Tinker Toys in 1913.The toy’s signature “hub and stick” parts were said to be inspired by Pajeau’s experience watching children play with pencils and empty spools of thread.See what we’ve built.”Town planning is often based on a grid system, utilized here by the Toy Town Peg Board.Children can manipulate trees, single-family homes, and fences within the constraints of the pegs, laid out in straight lines.These alphabet blocks use words, images, and letters in colorful combinations.The stackable cubes helped familiarize children with touchstones of their culture—such as the all-American turkey—as well as letters, the building blocks of language.Hilary Fisher Page originally invented these plastic-injected building bricks for the English toy company Kiddicraft Ltd. Featuring special window and door pieces, the green, yellow, and red bricks could be used to build a house on the included black platform piece.

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This Roy Toy set featured slightly thicker and less rounded logs, but the forts and pioneer settlements looked much the same.Erector Sets were almost exclusively marketed to boys, presumed to have an interest in complex engineering and construction.The box for this early Mysto set featured two boys building a giant bridge as one exclaims: “Come Daddy! Meat Packing prior to forming their own meat packing company named Stark, Wetzel & Co. produced a variety of meats, ranging from the bacon advertised above, to the “Grand Duchess Steak,” which the company claimed could go from the freezer to the plate in three minutes. was also involved in promotion of the Indianapolis 500.Stark & Wetzel closed its Indianapolis location at 502 W.

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