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I went to Clarksdale, Mississippi because I love the Delta Blues big time. To get super “gunned” in Joshua Tree is almost perfect. I don’t go to clubs so much although weirdly as I get older (now 40) I’m searching out bigger raves. A voodoo ceremony on the beach at one in the morning in Jacmel (Haiti) is maybe the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

I mean if you are going to get stoned and watch the sun set you want to do it in Joshua Tree. I try to find big raves now because no matter where you are in the world a rave at night is a kind of a universal experience. When you watch that procession coming down the beach and they are trying to bless the beach …

You’re looking around and there’s a gigantic truck and then a little truck then two thousand cars, then there’s a donkey and then there’s no road. It was in Al Junaynah, Sudan which is on the border of Chad. My bag which you have to go through security got kicked around by the other bag on the security belt which was a goat! That is the most significant thing that I have witnessed, more than anything else. Can you imagine cranking a throttle and not worrying about a cop, that’s foreign to me. I don’t like going on a road trip if the car doesn’t have a decent stereo system.

To ride a motorcycle through Eastern Europe, I really can’t think of anything better. It is a crime to travel, to do a road trip without a sub woofer that can rattle your soul. I want to do another big road trip but I want to rent one of those old man bikes.

Before we do the show, Newsworld wants to break in live in about 15 minutes from now to get some reaction from you guys on what the prime minister just said. "One guy raised his hand and said he wanted to say something about how Martin didn’t speak French. If Paul Martin wants to get an unfiltered message out he can buy an ad. I’m still cringing about what happened when the cameras started rolling. I’ll be back."As George worked the room, I met Kathryn for the first time. George, who looks short on camera, isn’t short at all.3. Police said Hong was a 41-year-old Canadian who lived in Los Angeles. Stroumboulopoulos, the former "Hockey Night in Canada" host, said in a prepared statement that he's "heartbroken" after a "dear friend" was found dead.Stroumboulopoulos indicated he was in New York City when he learned of it.When we arrived at the theatre, it was as if we had stumbled into a casting call for Canada’s Next Top Model. As soon as Martin’s speech was over, there was a lot of running back and forth by people wearing headsets and carrying sheets of paper. "I told him I wanted to say that this whole thing was ridiculous. They would run over to George and say something while he bent his head and listened. Then George made an announcement of his own."Hey everyone. C’mon, I know you guys have strong opinions."Before I knew what was happening or what I was doing, my arm shot up in the air and I blurted out, "I’ll do it! That the prime minister should have made this announcement in the House of Commons. That Mc Bain guy who reads the emails on the show is really short.

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