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Its also a one stop shop for those members who want to see what you've been up to on FJ. (On profile screen in the upper right of cover photo and on main site in user link information Cover Photo: this is the horizontal background photo behind your profile photo.See FAQ on cover photo for instructions on how to upload and position.This takes multiple attempts unless you're very lucky since you have to hit just the right spot.If you stop and you don't get the check or it's grayed out hit reload on browser and try again.We still want to know so we can assist you, but knowing whether it's theme or browser specific is a huge starting off point and clear information makes at least one of the tech team want to shower you with muffin baskets.If your issue is the inability to post please email [email protected] and be sure to include your username.When there are too many quotes, it's quite a scroll. Next to each username, there's an arrow, or carrot ^.

The warning will contain details of the violation and you must click to acknowledge receipt of the warning before you will be able to post, comment, create content, etc.Please make sure to include your user name in the email so we can take of your account.Until we can update the format of the rules, To U, etc. With this list and ctrl F anyone can find the info they seek.Warning points drop off automatically after 12 months.Also if you can trying the other themes and another browser to see if the problem persists is wildly helpful.

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