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Starbucks tried to get us used to using its application, which was supposed to make it easier to order coffee every day, but statistics show that only 16% of customers choose to use it.

It will certainly be a better step to build a bot for the platform we already have, rather than forcing customers to download the next one.

For the first time in the history of Messenger, users have been able to shop online straight through the communicator and take into account the help that virtual assistant can provide.

It is the first weather chatbot ever presented at the Facebook F8 conference.His capabilities are constantly growing, as the team has already gathered first data from users, and patches are being implemented on a regular basis.About 3 programmers worked for 3 months to create Poncho and the results are really satisfactory.The synthesis method we use is called TTS (text to speech) and thus the bot is able to convert text information into an artificially generated voice signal.The goal of all speech synthesis specialists is the most accurate representation of human speech.

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