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She was in ecstasy, wearing a pink dog collar and getting fucked to heaven by a black lab in front of an audience of paying strangers. The message feed approved of what they saw and heard. The only trace of the operation was a tiny scar near her belly button. I set aside my laptop and got a plate from the kitchen.

I studied her on the camera: Eyes happy half-moons gazing at nothing, mouth a toothless grin and lolling tongue, face flushed the color of strawberries. So, one time, while she was under, we went to the doctor, and I got her fixed. And, of course, he was now knotted up inside my wife, so he’d be there for a little while. Just a little touch I’d included in her programming to keep things interesting until the very end.

I don’t know if I’d want to live in a society with that sort of tech, but I was more than happy to have it right now. That was a good word for my wife—she was cute, and appealing.

Dear Readers: The narrator is not a terribly nice man, although he thinks he is. Adam Lily * * * “Hey, you promised you’d pick up the place.” My wife, being my wife.

But if you think you might enjoy a mind-controlled wife getting fucked to heaven by a black lab, then this story might be for you.

Then she kicked off her shoes used her toes to pull off her socks.

Her pale white boobs bounced out, pink nipples erect.

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