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She often says that her former assistant had brain damage; her reasoning was that she was born premature and therefore must have brain damage and be “mentally handicapped.” So-and-so is obese because her kid died and now she’s too emotionally unstable to work.So-and-so must be crazy because he chose to serve on a submarine while in the Navy.• She doesn’t do anything herself because she doesn’t know how to use Word.Yesterday, my father started giving me job advice: morning check-ins and updates with Jill, etc.— things I do every day and have been doing for the past 10 months.I was really upset afterwards that he would try to put me in that position where they would gang up on me in their therapist’s office, especially when he knows I’ve started seeking out other jobs. When I got there, she and my dad sat opposite me and spent 45 minutes scolding me, citing “complaints” by the out-of-state employees with whom I have great relationships and get along very well.

We go through cycles where I think everything is fine, and then I get yelled at about something small that I didn’t realize was an issue.

She makes me come to her house to print things because she doesn’t want to open them on her computer.

I write columns under her name, and then we go through upwards of six drafts as she makes minuscule tweaks, forgets she made those tweaks, and changes them back to the original, all while criticizing me for not making any sense.• She volunteered to watch her infant granddaughter twice a week, but she started leaving the baby with me while she goes to her law office.

In six months, I applied to 275 jobs and didn’t get a single interview.

I was desperate for work when my dad said Jill needed a new executive assistant.

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