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They are fiddly and require too much maintenance (for me) to keep them alive.If you wanted to take that route you could use the “I don’t like you” plant or flower of your choice.

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Usually they have done nothing wrong and are in no way offensive; I just don’t like them. I also don’t want to spend time with people I don’t like, and I don’t need new friends badly enough to give these folks a chance, and inevitably they are the sort of people who stubbornly refuse to notice that their invitations are never reciprocated.

Also as an exercise, what happens if we pay attention to the times we’re told “no”? Do we bite the heads off people who tell us “no” or decide we hate them forever?

What gender, race, class, or other power dynamics are at play in how we react?

Or for telling a new acquaintance that no you don’t really want to get coffee some time or friend them on Facebook?

Also what’s with people friending folks on FB who they met once for like a hot second and then being offended that you don’t accept the request?

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