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Masthead Studios posted some of the music from the Earthrise soundtrack on the Earthri 009 se website.It has been part-religion and part socio-political crusade, and has penetrated all corners of the globe.Earthrise is an upcoming MMORPG in development by Masthead Studios.It is to be set in post-apocalyptic Earth enviroment and is going to be more skill based then class based giving a much wider character customization aspect to the game.Players have the option to join a guild and compete for land and resources.Once a guild is in control of some land they can build up military bases and extract resources. Players will all have their own personal customizable hovercraft which will be their main method of transport.Al Jazeera's Stefanie Dekker reports from the school in the occupied West Bank that opened its gates early for students, whose futures are uncertain. We traveled with @Greenpeace to raise awareness on the threat that krill companies have on the Antarctic Ocean Sanctuaries.

Atanas Atanasov says that players will be "capable of infusing Designs into items -- special bonuses and enhancements, or totally separate effects that allow the crafter to customize an item to the needs of his or her customers."Enterra Island is a small piece of land that survived the Third World War which left the rest of the planet unihabitable.40 days left to invest in the @Energy Garden LDN project- ethically sound and benificial for people and planet Let's get behind the super-citizens who have the ideas, ambition and acumen to build the future we need!: Agamemnon Otero, CEO Repowering shares his insights…The humans who managed to survive re-built society on this island using the newly found energy sources.Only a few areas on the island have been reclaimed due to the dangerous enviroments and animals however few have been claimed.

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