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More girls reported fear/intimidation victimization than boys.When comparing the frequency of TDV across adolescence, boys reported more sexual TDV victimization at younger ages, and girls demonstrated a trend toward more victimization at older ages.However, when TDV was defined more restrictively as a physical act that was fear-inducing or injurious, the victimization rate for girls was twice that of boys.Moreover, attitudes about the acceptance of violence seem to differ by gender and may vary across adolescence, which may influence rates of perpetration and victimization among genders at different stages of development.Some have suggested that the incongruous findings on gender symmetry/asymmetry may be explained by the severity of violence, degree of coercive/controlling behavior, and fear/intimidation involved in measuring violence.

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These findings suggest a need to tailor strategies to prevent TDV based on both age- and gender-specific characteristics in high-risk populations.

Likewise, younger boys reported more fear/intimidation and injury perpetration and injury victimization than younger girls.

However, by age 17, girls reported more injury perpetration than boys, and reports of injury victimization and use of self-defense did not differ.

Questions were adapted from the Conflict in Adolescent Dating Relationships Inventory Additionally, items were developed where necessary.

Students responded to items on a 4-point scale where 0 = never, 1 = rarely, 2 = sometimes, and 3 = often.

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