Does megan fox dating shia labeouf

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To do so, Shia underwent a true blood and guts training regime that lasted up to 3 hours per day - 1 hour running followed by a further 2 hours of gym work, 7 days per week.

He gained a massive 15 pounds of muscle for his role in the movie, the plot of which has been kept "TOP SECRET" by the studios.

It's one thing to turn up the controversy when you are promoting a movie, but this was really low.

True, she probably shouldn't have fooled around with him in the first place, but it was definitely not his place to go parading the information around for the whole world to hear. In a recent interview for the new movie, star Shia La Beouf revealed that he had a fling with his former costar Megan Fox whilst they were filming the first two movies.

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The whole principle of this particular training philosophy is to hit one muscle group per day, allowing maximum recovery time so the schedule would look something like this: Plyometric training is essentially utilizing the body's own mass as resistance, the movements are explosive in nature and are performed as quickly as possible.and so what if the last name is spelled differently, famous people do it all the time.hell Janet Jackson wont even acknowledge that she has a child when clearly she is pregnant when she was on fame.Now, OK Magazine reports that Shia's confession has done a number on Foxy's relationship with her husband.A source insists that Shia has "really upset" the couple, with Megan "in tears" ever since he made their affair public. We still maintain he had no business running his mouth off like that.

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