Divorcees dating mumbai

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Q: Good day, does anyone know how long it takes to get biometrics appointment letter from the time you overnighted docs for I131 to Phoenix office?A: I think you mean I-130 as I-131 is used to apply for advanced parole during a pending green card application.It was below the poverty line last year, and now I am unemployed. A: Yes, you will absolutely be rejected because of the low income/unemployment.The USCIS has to prevent individuals from becoming permanent residents and then simply live on the government welfare and food stamp programs.The I-485 instructions a bit confusing in this regards. There is no need for a separate application for your son.

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What is the quickest and cheapest (fees-wise) way to adjust the status and bring to live with us my 13 yrs old son, who already has B2 valid for next 2 years ? A: Your husband just needs to file 1 I-130 which would indicate that you and your child will be sponsored for a green card.You can get the EAD card with AP stamped approval after about 3 months of filing your I-485.Q: I recently got engaged and my fiancee is from the USA and we want to live there.You will get AP stamped on your Employment Authorization Card (they no longer send out a card just for AP, it is combined with the EAD card).So you should also apply for I-765 employment authorization with your I-485, since it is free and its the same card anyway.

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