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And while Hom-Bot’s cleaning technology makes people take notice, thanks to an innovative design that absorbs vibrations and reduces noise, it’s the quietest robot vacuum on the market on non-carpeted floors.* LG Hom-Bot vacuums come equipped with Smart Thin Q® technology, so you can control them using an app on your smartphone, or using voice commands with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. The Homebot does not work as well with the zig-zag floor pattern. It should be set to cover a room in a cell by cell pattern. First, it was fairly easy to set up although I may have accidentally created a second account under my name, but I'll figure that out later.Now you can start and stop cleaning, check the status of a cleaning cycle and be ready for any last-minute guests with the push of a button. I have tested it numerous times in a home with various challenges and challenges for a robotic vacuum cleaner. The Wifi controls using my i Phone app are not always functional even with strong Wifi. I also had to follow the wifi/registration twice as it did not remember my wifi network, but now all is fine.Emptying the dust cup is super simple and the sponge filter is washable.A cleaning tool is included to clean the removable brush roller.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I LOVE & always accept Amazon Gift Cards.I got this little guy , I can't believe how wonderful it Is! I easily turn on and off and change cleaning mode from my phone app. The instructions were clear and can be found in a fairly substantial booklet or simply use the quick set up card also supplied.Easy to set up, beautiful and sleek design, not too noisy and does a perfect job. The instructions describe setting the Hom-Bot up with five feet clear on either side and 6 feet clear in front.It went into one of the bedrooms when I forgot to close the door all the way. I downloaded the app Android/i Phone and the setup was simple through wifi.The app is not necessary but will allow you to schedule the Hom Bot to clean at the time of your choosing. This is not going to replace your traditional vacuum, but imagine that your sweep ups are done for you when you want.

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