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For starters, most words aren't fairly monotonous like they are in Japanese--in other words, they have accented syllables in Korean, while in Japanese, most words seem to have a fairly flat tone. How to Pronounce Korean ---------------------------- Korean is a bit harder to pronounce for most Westerners than Japanese is.NOTE: Also, I'll call the Kansai leader "Gohda" so as not to confuse him with the cheese Gouda, although I will usually romanise long "o" sounds with an "o" "u". In the middle of a word, it's a voiced "k" just like in English. The muscles of the throat, tongue, and palet should remain fairly relaxed when pronouncing it.I'll keep do the same for the Gohryuukai, his organization. In the middle of a word, this should be a voiced "t" just like in English. "u" = "oo" as in "loop." Just like "i," after voiceless consonants the "u" sound seems to vanish, but just gets quite muted and becomes almost voiceless. It's kind of between there and the "e" in "bet." "o" = "oh" as in "oh, man! This means you say the vowel twice (again without a break); making it last longer. To many, it sounds like it vanishes, but it doesn't completely.

It's listed here because it's usually used as a "particle word." "Stressing" syllables should usually only occur with elongated vowels and syllables starting with a stopped (doubled) consonant. "In'e" should be pronounced "i n e;" not "i ne." ---------------------------- 1e. For example, "Ma'ou" should be pronounced "ma oh (long)"--tho' I'll probably forget the apostrophe sometimes in this instance.Sign up for your free Sex chat account now and meet hundreds of Karnataka singles online! Please Click the Java icon below to install Java or you will be unable to login in chat without Java. Also, I can't play shogi or mahjong worth beans, so I didn't attempt a guide to them. The alphabet (usually called "han'geul" by Koreans, but also sometimes "joseon'geul") is, like Japanese, written in syllables, but each syllable is comprised of symbols that denote certain sounds (a consonant, a vowel, and sometimes, a third consonant).

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