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As an Idealist, The Playette has it in the back of her mind that she will one day meet her Prince Charming.In a sense, she is always looking for her Prince by being passive and leaving a social vacuum for men to take the lead.As a Tester, she “keeps it moving” so to speak, so it may be hard to develop enough rapport to the point where she feels safe letting go of her precious sexual side.In addition, she’ll often put up soft boundaries, or tests, in order to slow down the progress of a sexual relationship, so that she can maintain her power.In response she surrender into deep, naked submission.She will relax in body and mind, and allow herself to be ravished beyond her control, at your whim.In a sense she has gotten what she wanted, superficially.

Most guys respond by becoming docile and losing their power, thus losing their power and falling into the No-Sex Zone, or “Friend Zone,” as it’s commonly called.

For example, let’s say she is wearing a dress almost identical to what another girl is wearing.

Imply that you notice something that will probably piss her off, but don’t tell her what it is. You’re gonna be pissed if I tell you what I just saw…but don’t worry, you are the winner.” Another example: let’s say you notice that she is skinny but is drinking beer and you don’t know how she could keep that figure drinking Corona all night. You must know something these other girls don’t.” It doesn’t have to be fancy- just get her to: a) focus on you because you are talking about her, and b) get her riled up by not telling whether your opinion/observation is flattering or otherwise.

She isn’t shy, but is definitely more of an observer than the Social Butterfly (TJI). Once you get past her walls, she is sweet, soft, sexy, and exciting.

She has wonderful gifts to offer, but it is these very same gifts that make her vulnerable.

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