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The first model was the all-mechanical M-1 which, after pressure from Leica (which already had an M1 model), was renamed OM-1.

At the same time the M system was renamed OM System.

The Olympus OM System (O = Olympus, M = Maitani) was a line of 35mm single-lens reflex cameras, lenses and accessories sold by Olympus between 19 (some accessories were sold until early 2003).

The system was introduced by Olympus in 1972, more than a decade after Nikon, Canon, and other manufacturers had established their own SLR ranges.

At first called the Olympus M-1, Leica disputed this designation and it was changed to OM-1.It was designed by a team led by Yoshihisa Maitani with a through-the-lens exposure meter controlling a needle visible in the viewfinder.It was noted for its reduction of size, weight and noise.One feature unique to the OM-1, compared to the rest of the OM system, was its mirror lock-up facility which made it ideal for astrophotography and macrophotography.Introduced in 1975, the Olympus OM-2 was a semi-automatic, aperture-priority camera featuring an electronically controlled shutter.

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