Dating when you are middle aged

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I just ignore them..the young cubs and the old coots. I understand that men are always going to be attracted to younger women because of the simple biological urge to "spread their seed" far and wide. If you're a man of a certain age and done with changing diapers and dealing with temper tantrums, then you better be sure you are using protection if she isn't or you're going to get saddled with something you didn't bargain for. But, seriously are in your 50's, do you REALLY think a 25 year old is going to actually be interested in you? Believe me, there are more attractive, single 40 something women around than you think. She ordered me, “Say something to him.” I was flummoxed so I blurted out the first thing that came into my head. ” He gave me a look and then walked as far away as possible. If you’re 42 years old, get ready for the 65-year-old men. Most these guys would never approach a younger woman in person. Personally, I suggest you go up to 10 years older than you. I figured the guys over there should see I'm not a "wrinkled up old prune." And, Caroline and I stirred up the trolls today, I'm afraid.

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One of my problems is I’m 42 years old, and most the men attracted to me online are in their 60’s.” It’s amazing isn’t it? When you’re online, you’re always going to get the older guys pursuing you relentlessly. That’s why it’s important you make your age range requirements clear on your dating profile.

Apparently, I need to learn how to talk to random guys.

Suddenly, she pointed to a guy wearing a shirt with an outline of a whale on it, and the word EAT emblazoned in the middle, who was walking toward us.

It just depends where you’re at in your life and what you want, but 10 is normally a good number. The best thing about looking for love online is you can go man shopping every night. As a 43 year old woman who uses online dating I can confirm that older men are a pest for emailing me.

Don’t get frustrated, because out of all those emails you get every week, I’m sure there’s one or two that are decent. For me online dating for women is like having “” Go for it. I had a nasty email from a 68 year old the other day who was having a tantrum because I said in my profile I would go out with a man as young as 24.

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