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In May 2008, four former Abu Ghraib prison inmates, who were all released without charge, brought separate lawsuits in four US courts against CACI and L-3 Communications as well as against three civilians.One of these former inmates, Emad al-Janabi, sued L-3 and CACI for allowing their employees to abuse him physically and mentally at the prison.On August 26, 2005, Randi Rhodes, a host for the Air America talk radio program, claimed that employees of CACI International had raped and murdered Iraqi civilians at the Abu Ghraib prison.

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Plaintiffs vowed to appeal the verdict, which was described as "troubling" by Noah Feldman, a professor at Harvard Law School. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit found that the lower court had erred in the June 2013 dismissal, as it lacked jurisdiction to hear the case because the alleged incidents occurred overseas.The source is normally cited loosely as New evidence now clearly shows that this book was first compiled (not published) in 1711 by a Doctor Thomas Tanner, 16 years after Anthony á Wood died and 62 years after Drogheda.Most significantly however, is the fact that it might easily have been influenced by the hands of others and it did not see the light of day until 1772, when a Thomas Hearne edited and published it – that’s 123 years after the events!In a statement released on their website CACI has stated that these lawsuits are "baseless" and they "reject emphatically this latest plaintiff's allegations and claims" calling on "numerous and thorough government investigations" in these allegations.On March 19, 2009, US District Judge Gerald Bruce rejected claims by CACI that it could not be sued because its interrogators were performing duties prescribed by the contract with the US government.

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