Dating website for physicians

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But meeting eligible companions and finding the time to date can feel nearly impossible to many physicians, especially residents, whose 80-hour work weeks limit opportunities to meet potential partners. R’s friends have suggested that she try online dating. A dating Web site or app is a simple, fast, low-investment way to increase your opportunities to meet other singles and to make contact with more potential partners than you would meet otherwise.

Most adults want to have happy romantic relationships. It has become common—and no longer stigmatizing—for couples to say they met online.

The professional ethics of online dating: need for guidance.

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Many people react cautiously when they learn you are a psychiatrist—they think you are evaluating them (and let’s face it: often, this is true).

Arlington, VA: American Psychiatric Association Publishing; 2012. marriages started online, and these marriages seemed happier and ended in separation or divorce less often than marriages that started in more traditional ways. But singles and divorcees of all ages, sexual orientations, and backgrounds are increasingly seeking long-term relationships with internet-based dating tools rather than hoping to meet people through family, friends, church, and the workplace.

An assessment of unprofessional behavior among surgical residents on Facebook: a warning of the dangers of social media.

Online dating: a critical analysis from the perspective of psychological science.

A mad world: a diagnosis of mental illness is more common than ever—did psychiatrists create the problem, or just recognise it?

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