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Catholic scholars fix creation at 5199 BC instead of 4004 BC. Because the Septuagint gives different ages for the pre-flood patriarchs which are in CONTRADICTION to ages preserved in the King James Bible which is derived from a Massoretic Text. Kitchen, "Egypt, History of (Chronology)." David Noel Freedman, Editor. Some have associated the foundation date of the New Dynasty with the expulsion of the Hyksos from the Delta. Kenneth Kitchen and James Hoffmeier favor Ahmose's reign as ca. The bulk of these data comes from the book of Judges, which lists the alternating periods of alien domination over Israel and independent rule by Israelite judges, with the total length of these periods adding up to at least 410 years. There are, however, numerous problems with a fifteenth-century date for the exodus and settlement.

"Most scholars agreed that the world was only about six thousand years old, though there was considerable disagreement over the exact date of the creation. Before 1985 (when Krauss made his proposal) earlier dates for the 18th Dynasty's founding were in favor, 1580 or 1570 BCE. 1550-1525 BCE (placing the end of the Hyksos dynasty as either 1550 or 1540 BCE), Krauss prefers 1539-1514 BCE for Ahmoses' reign (cf. The period bridging between the Exodus and the commencement of the era of the Judges (with the death of Joshua the son of Nun) comprises 40 years of the Israelites' wanderings in the desert prior to the arrival to the eastern bank of the Jordan river (Exodus , Numbers -34, , Deuteronomy 1:3, 2:7, 8:2-4, 29:4) and the leadership of Joshua, which must have lasted at least 5 years. "It appears to me that a general division of the entire MBII period into three phases (A, B, C) is well documented on the basis of stratigraphy, pottery typology, and development of other artifacts..third phase- MBIIC correlates with the Hyksos Fifteenth Dynasty (until "... Hoffmeier correctly points out that the dates found in the book of Joshua through 1 Kings do not add up to 480 years. Hoffmeier calculated the number of years for Joshua, the judges and the kings of Israel up to Solomon and the numbers . For many years, this date was commonly accepted as correct and has been supported more recently by J. One of these is that, if the generations betwen the exodus and the fourth year of Solomon's reign are combined, "Theban royal texts tell of their final victories over the northerners in the 1530's B. The victory inscriptions of these southern pharaohs tell us they threw these foreigners out of Egypt then pursued them to Canaan and beyond.

After 13 years of "lording it" over the eastern delta, the Ramessides expelled the Hyksos' descendants a SECOND TIME, and they eventually again settled at Jerusalem.

The Jewish historian Josephus (1st century CE) was adamant that the 16th century expulsion was the Exodus based on _his calculations_ of the Bible's chronology and furious that Manetho had said the Exodus was preserved in a Ramesside expulsion!

C., just 12 years earlier than Jacobovici's circa 1500 B. the Hyksos Expulsion with the Exodus than Jacobovici's 1500 BCE Exodus date which was simply _his attempt_ to bring the 1446 BCE Exodus "somewhat closer in time" to Ahmose I and the Hyksos Expulsion.

My below article notes that a number of scholars, Josephus (79 AD?

Mainstream scholarship understands Israel's settling of the Hill Country is Iron I, ca. Why then does the Bible's chronology have an Exodus "hundreds of years" earlier?

The answer is very surprising and has been preserved for almost 2000 years in the writings of an Egyptian priest/historian called Manetho.

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He noted that TWO EXPULSIONS occurred in Egypt's history of Asiatics.2:7) and the length of King Saul's reign, noting a "full number" was lacking ( 1 Sam. He renders these two anomalies as "X"De Vries, in passing, alluded to another important "dating marker" but did not directly employ it in his article, the historical schema preserved in Acts -21 which provides us with the length of Saul's reign, 40 YEARS, missing from De Vries' "Table 3", equation "Y" and the missing data on Joshua and the Judges, equation "X":"And for about FORTY YEARS he bore with them in the wilderness.And when he had destroyed seven nations in the land of Canaan, he gave them their land as an inheritance, for about FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS.For the Exodus we have two major proposals 1445 BCE (based on statements made in 1 Kings 6:1) favored by many Conservative Protestant Scholars, and 1250 BCE championed by numerous Liberals. Other Scholars have argued the viewing might have been from Thebes, which was then the capital (cf. Two dates are currently favored for the start of Solomon's reign, 970 or 960 BCE, his reign ending 930 or 920 BCE: To recapitulate, prior to 1985, 1580 BCE or 1570 BCE were popular founding dates for the 18th Dynasty under Pharoah Ahmose I. Kitchen has sounded a note of warning though about the above equation, pointing out, like Jack, that a period in excess of 553 years appears to be warranted instead of 480 years:"The lazy man's solution is simply to cite the 480 years ostensibly given in 1 Kings 6:1 from the Exodus to the 4th year of Solomon (ca. However, this too simple solution is ruled out by the combined weight of all between the Exodus and Solomon's 4th year according to chronologies preserved in the book of Judges, that is, when the different reigns are added up sequentially, but he favors that some of the reigns are concurrent not sequential (emphasis mine):"This possibility becomes in effect a certainty if one goes through the date lines between the Exodus and the fourth year of Solomon, the year he began to build his temple, "in the 480th year" since the Exodus (1 Kings 6:1), we are told. dates in chapters 2 and 4 above), a literal adding up would set the Exodus in 1447.There are other dates, but they have far fewer adherents. Krauss argued that the 9th year of Amenhotep I, noting a rising of the Sothis star, if viewed from Aswan (ancient Elephantine) would indicate that the 18th Dynasty was founded ca. Since the 1985 proposal by Krauss either 1550 or 1540/39 BCE seem to be favored-My research has revealed that the sacred writings of the Jews and Early Christians preserve a date of 1540 BCE for the Exodus which just happens to match co-incidentally, the 1540 BCE currently held "alternate-end-date" of the Hyksos 15th Dynasty (the Hyksos Expulsion by Paharoh Ahmoses I) favored by Egyptologists Kenneth A. But if we take the trouble to actually tote up all the individual figures known from Exodus to Kings in that period, they do NOT add up to 480 years.

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