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Be real, sincere and let God’s light shine through you. Traditionally, some couples don’t kiss until they are engaged.

This may be old-fashioned to some; but some courting couples don’t even kiss until they get married.

Here are some godly principles to govern your dates.

If this is you, go back and read my article "Being Single Isn't A Bad Thing" WHAT IS “DATING” FOR?

THE WAY OF THE WORLD In the world, dating was more about going out and then “sleeping together” afterwards.

Then, if they liked each other, than they would continue with their fornication and most likely move in together.

Relationships in the world are not built on godly conduct, the word, self-control or trust. ” Some Apostolic believers and even Church pastors do not believe in dating (as the world uses it). The reasoning behind this is that, a person should wait on God to show them who they will marry, and then go through the courtship leading to the marriage.

When these attributes are missing and inordinate affection or lust is the “glue” of a relationship… This is how I personally went about it and got married.

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