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The second index is by expertise, allowing the reader to search by Hand Surgery or Podiatry or whatever. In this sample we have taken a page from each of three indexes in the book. It involved a handicapped person who was dropped by a transportation company and left on the ground in the freezing cold while company officials took pictures of her. Trial court granted summary judgment for the company on . The SCOKY affirmed the KYCOA today in a 7-0 opinion, ordering a new trial on the limited issue of punitive damages. The appellees brief (for the plaintiff) at the Supreme Court. It was a time when lawyers were lawyers and they TRIED cases to a jury. This same plaintiff, also a high school teacher, later pled guilty to felony charges regarding her illicit relationship with an underage high school student. A middle school student committed suicide after being bullied by fellow students. Depending on how the appeal goes, that maybe the only time it ever does.

Connecticut is known for its rich history and Senior People is here to bring their Senior Singles together.

The February 2014 KTCR Preview Subscribe today to the Kentucky Trial Court Review See previews from our other state issues. 2-3-2014 The State of Tennessee passed tort reform in 2012 that limited non-economic damages (think pain and suffering) in most cases to just 0,000.

The idea was that jury panels could not be trusted to make these decisions and that if tort reform was instituted, job creators would flock to Tennessee. Weve got our story on the first Tennessee jury verdict to be affected by this tort reform.

The AG Brief opposing recognition of gay rights Updated Weve just posted the plaintiffs memorandum for summary judgment. The website alleges Jones and his website infringed the photographers copyright interests by publishing the photographs without permission or license. Jones has also faced claims from other media outlets (Herald, Courier-Journal, Kentucky Kernel) that he utilized their reporting and photographs without permission or attribution.

Plaintiffs motion for summary judgment Get your subscription online at our store. Jones has replied publicly that he disagrees with the lawsuit but remains thankful local media is covering it.

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