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For Web applications, this is of particular importance because the potential users may be worldwide.

Yii offers a full spectrum of I18N features that support message translation, view translation, date and number formatting.

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Yii provides a convenient way for translating messages in different plural forms that works well even for very complex rules.

Instead of dealing with the inflection rules directly, it is sufficient to provide the translation of inflected words in certain situations only.

It is usually identified by an ID consisting of a language ID and a region ID.In this subsection, we will describe different ways of formatting messages.In a message to be translated, you can embed one or multiple parameters (also called placeholders) so that they can be replaced by the given values.The Yii::t() method will call the When translating a message, you can embed some placeholders and have them replaced by dynamic parameter values.You can even use special placeholder syntax to have the parameter values formatted according to the target language.

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