Dating professional athletes only Portugal sex party camera

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I have dated a few professional athletes, and no, I am not a gold digger nor am I a cheerleader.I'm an educated woman with her own career who happens to love competitive sports perhaps more than most women.

I just wasn’t willing to compromise anymore, I wanted to put my aspirations and goals first and unfortunately that meant never returning back to Minnesota. The fun, fame and status…that's all true but the uncertainty, doubt, and cheating are also very true as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve dated a doctor, news anchor, even a bartender.

But to better understand the experience of dating someone in the professional world of sports, here are the perks and pitfalls.

If you don’t like sports, then it’s going to seem like one big pitfall!

But then again, if you don’t like sports, you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

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