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Hastily snacked and goes to work – this is about woman in Nepal.Village women of Nepal in addition to the usual hassle must find time to feed and milk the cattle and get firewood for the hearth which is a tricky task, considering that there is almost no forest left near the villages in Nepal.While menstrual period poor woman’s life is especially tight as traditionally the “unclean” woman must live in a barn, lonely and hungry all this time.Only when a severe drought occurs in the kingdom that is common here and the terrible specter of starving death begins to loom, the men go to their wives to bow as only they can save the situation by appeasing the gods.Although the status for Nepali woman is a double-edged sword: the higher the caste – the more rigor and limitations in marriage she gets.Among orthodox Hindus there is an opinion that girls should be married before the menstrual period begins.The birth of a girl in Nepal was never considered a joyous event, although the Nepalese house rests entirely on women’s shoulders.Women wake up before sunrise and immediately rush to the spring as the water pipe in Nepal is available only in the rich modern homes and the rest, even the townspeople, have to carry water on themselves.

The living goddess is the only one to whom the king bows.It happens once a year during the Kumarijatra holiday.On this day the king arrives at the temple, makes offerings and the goddess Kumari blesses him by substituting a tick – red dot on her forehead for a kiss, which symbolizes the extension of his authority until the holiday next year.Later, the former goddess is very difficult to marry, because, according to the firm belief, marriage to Kumari brings misfortune.Nepalese are Hindu, and therefore their life is strictly subordinated to the caste system: higher “caste karma” guarantees a higher social status.

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