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John Marc Knight told Muireann Mc Donnell he loved her "too much" and was sorry for what he was about to do, an inquest heard yesterday.

The message was sent at 2.17am on February 12, just hours before Mr Knight's mother found him hanging from a tree in the back garden of a neighbour's home.

As I got older, people would say, ‘Some day, when you’re a mother’.

“But it’s just not something that ever really entered my mind, that I would have children, because it was a very adult thing to do.” She told TV Now magazine that people often make remarks to her about becoming a parent but she has made her mind up that it’s not a path she wants to go down.

Mrs Vard told the court that her son, a normal, happy young man, had been a bit low in the two weeks prior to his death because of the break-up of his relationship with his girlfriend.

"But I never dreamed of this," she told the inquest, in floods of tears.

Mr Conway rang Mr Knight at 3.12am to make sure his friend had returned home safely, and he had.

Mr Knight's next-door neighbour Terri Reynolds, of 43 Sandyford Downs, told the court that she took a call from Mr Knight on the morning of February 12 at 2.30am.

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But certainly, the desire isn’t there.” The double-jobbing Limerick native said that she has seen from friends who have children just how hard it can be.

Failing to find him, Mrs Vard drove her three other children to school and returned home at 8.50am.

She went out into the garden again and saw John hanging from a tree in the neighbour's garden.

Ms Mc Donnell (21), of Mount Sallis, Dalkey, told Dublin County Coroner's Court that the 22-year-old, of Sandyford Downs, Dublin, sent her two more messages.

One read: "Are you going to say goodbye to me tonight before I go?

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