Dating marks spode christmas tree china

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many thanksmaria - i have a small bronze apearance hunting jug but inside its a white pottery jug its almost as if the metal has been overlaid on the jug ,it has traces of silver on it may years ago i went to the antique road show and no one knew what it was nor the museum ,have you ever heard of it Susan - I have what I believe is a pot stand, it is octagon shaped, blue and offwhite in colour and has a picture of a flower basket which is mainly blue, right round the edge there's a solid blue line. There are two matching cake plates, two jam dishes and two butter plates. I would appreciate some identification and its value. Flo Grejda - I have a small square plate marked Sandland Ware Lancaster & Sandland LTD. The mark is in green with 2 hands shaking under the Sandland ware, w/ Lancaster...It is signed, but the signature is difficult to read I beleive it's CLrb(unsure). Thanks Marie - I have just bought a lovely art deco coffee set and found other items that matched. under the hands, Also on the back is John Constable, R. 1776-1837 stamped in gold, How much is this worth, it is in mint condition with only the normal grazing from age.I also have a tea set comprising of 6 cups and saucers tea pot and sugar and cream, again marked with foreign. I bought it about 20 years ago in an Antique shop in Melbourne (Australia) Tjanks Cheryl Brian Hatton - I've got a Blue and White pitcher/jug measuring about 12 inches in height. ON THE REVERSE OF THE OBJECTS THERE IS A CROWN IN BLUE WRITTEN ONTO THE CROWN IS THE WORD "QUEEN", BELOW THIS IS THE NAME B&K LTD.I have searched the web site for information regarding this foreign stamp without yielding any results and wonder if you could eckersley - we have a coffee set by j&g meakin it looks like a full set but some items are marked with sol sun on the horizon, some have j&g meakin with what appears to be a crown with 5 long fingers with balls ontop is this a full set. It is a twelve setting teaset but two cups and the sugar bowl are missing. The marking Hanley Staffordshire England round a star with a letter B, there is also diamond shape mark on the bottom of the pitcher. Many thanks.xxxxx (Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish personal contact details on this messageboard.)Mark Appleby - Hi i was just wondering if you could help me a little i have been given a Staffordshire Ironstone jug and bowl set, it has a Crown on the bottom of the Jug with the word England bending over the top of the crown with the letter L enlarged, and also in crown at the bottom it has the letters NW and YW could you please tell me what this actually means please Many Thanks M, Applebyjo farthing - i have a plate with no marks on back,but is cream with grey painted flowers and fences,on the front is written "new gray brown" and has letters N O N O written in the four corners,can you help identify salter - i have 6 dinner or soup plates (not sure which) marked lincoln then coat of arms, the names ralph 1750, moses 1751,enoch 1784, followed by the name wood and sons england, then alpine white ironstone. could you please date them for me, i found many wood and sons china but no lincoln and the design i have mentioned many thanks BALAN, CHENNAI , INDIA - I HAVE A J&G MEAKIN TEA SET( CUPS, SAUCERS, PLATES AND A CAKE PLATE ETC.). THE DESIGN ON THE FRONT OF THE OBJECTS IS BLUE LAUREL LEAVES WITH A SCOLLAPED EDGE, BORDERED WITH STRING OF SMALL BEADS/PEARLS.If you have any ideas or information on the pot -ie why they were made, date, value etc it would be appreciated.Many thanks Maureen Hunt Ursula Hughes - i have a tankard approx size 6ins high it is marked at the base SADLER made in England and also say's on the bottom Sailing,on the front of te tankard it has a scene of sailing ships with people looking on, and on the back there is one sailing ship.Many thanks Elizabeth Wells Wendy Mc Farlane, Toronto, Canada - My mother was given a black pottery decanter with a pewter lid that looks art deco. No.140614 marked on the bottom and has "Palm" also. It has a white background with brown, grey, pink and yellow leaves. It has the Myott Staffordshire England emblam and words on the base and then the words Myott and England as well as the number 30 are faintly etched into the bottom.It's black with palm trees and a water bird with a long beak standing in water. Wondering if you know the date of manufacture or anything further regarding the teapot.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each you have any information on this particular plate?(Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish personal contact details on this messageboard.)Beverly - I have been gifted a chamber pot it is 10" in diameter cream color with green flowers the trade mark is blue lettering with a banner I beleive it is Norman then Burslem England there are some numbers above this but I can't make them all out I think it could be F Z SCN3.richard linsley - I have a 1907 royal doulton plate.this plate has a little girl sitting on a log holding a doll, looking at a frog also sitting on the plate is all painted in blue with a field forefront and tree background.

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